Mission Statement

To bring awareness of Islam among Muslims and Non-Muslims

The Islamic Center of Western Suburbs (ICWS) is active since 1993. It got registered as a Not-for-profit corporation in 1997 and received it’s official Tax Exempt 501c(3) status in 2005 (FEIN: 48-1260309).

The core ideals that enshrined ICWS from its infancy are of Islamic awareness and outreach. Over the years, ICWS has achieved this by hosting a series of programs on Quran (Tafsir i.e. Interpretation and Explanation of the Quran), the life of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) and his companions. At the same time, ICWS has been ardently working towards the dawaah by the use of different communication methods and interfaith dialogue.

ICWS local outreach extends currently to the western suburbs of Chicago mainly Carol Stream, Bartlett, West Chicago and Hanover Park. Organization’s activities have included Jummah, Taraweeh, Eid, collection-distribution of Zakat and Tafseer program under Maulana Nasir Bakhshi.



Ehsanul Haque – President

Maulana Nasir Bakhshi – Director, Islamic Studies

Mujtaba Sadiq – Secretary

Mohammed Abdul Wahab – Treasurer

Aamir Ansari

Ashraful Haq

Ateeq Afzal

Azeez Sattar

Hussam Dandashli

Wajahat Sayeed